Parents’ Info Session: Future Ready Teens 2018

Calling parents of year 12/2017 leavers: Are you concerned about their future?

With headlines like ‘technology will kill 40% of Aussie jobs by 2030‘ it’s no wonder parents and students are worried about the future.

  • How do we prepare today’s young people for jobs and careers paths that do not even exist now?
  • How do we ensure they have the skills to thrive in a world that is increasingly automated?
  • And, the one all parents are wondering: how can a passion for video games and social media support a successful future?

In this free info session for parents, Future Human Academy Founder Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie will share her journey as an accidental early adopter of the future of work which led to the creation of Future Ready Teens. She will also share what parents and students can be doing right now to be future ready.

Future Human Academy’s Future Ready Teens prepares young people to thrive in the future of work by supporting them in becoming tomorrow’s innovators, entrepreneurs and changemakers. Future Ready Teens is an immersive 7 day long program over the summer holidays (15 to 21 January 2018) that provides students with the knowledge, habits and networks they will need to thrive in an uncertain future.

Info session details
When Tuesday November 21, 5:30pm-7:00pm
Where Bloom, St Catherine‚Äôs College, 2 Park Road, Crawley Western Australia
For parents of students who have just finished year 12 (leavers) or are entering year 12 in 2018.


+61 404 073 970