Future Ready Teens: Day 2

The second day of the Future Ready Teens was packed with exciting activities! In the morning we learned about networking and how to communicate with possible mentors, important decision makers and companies that are in a field important to us. ┬áNetworking allows us to gain new connections that we can use to jump start our future careers. Later in the day, we learned how to ‘hack’ university to make the most our of experience.

Finally, we went to Ryerson University and visited the DMZ Sandbox, where we heard about their entrepreneurial oppurtunities and toured the DME and the Collaboratory, both of which have amazing technology, which is accessible for all students. One of the coolest gadgets in the DME was the Augmented Reality Sandbox. It is essentially a regular sandbox, but one that has a machine that knows how much sand is in the box and projects a topographic map on top of the sand. The cool part is that this machine is able to change the map depending on whether people have moved the sand around the box, which is something that I had never seen before.